The Black Coffee Experience is simple because business is complicated enough. Be understood. Get unstuck.

Let’s tell your story.

Step 1: Discovery

“What brought you to this point?” The problem, the challenge, the cause, it’s the reason you’re looking for a solution. What you’ll find is a safe spot to vent and folks dedicated to figuring it all out. We go deep to understand the essence of you: what’s causing the grief, why it matters, and how we can help get you back on track.

Step 2: Strategy

Next, we consult our roster of Writers, Strategists and Creatives to design Your Workable Plan, including how to actually put it into practice. Nothing moves unless it meets your objectives, goals and vision. If you need a little more guidance or hands to do the work, we’re here to help on a recurring basis too. Now watch your story come alive.

Step 3: Execution

They’ll then craft your solution, including how to implement it. If you need more guidance, we’re here to help on a recurring basis too. We don’t play pretend, you’ll leave us (or don’t, we’re into long-term relationships) with a plan you can actually use that sparks real change.

Sometimes we let words get in the way of what we’re really trying to say. Our job is to craft clarity.

Mercedes Blackwood, founder

Get Unstuck.

Communications: Consultation + Strategy

You have a problem; we live to solve it. Every one of our relationships starts with a deep dive into the core of what you do because until we understand who you are and what led you to us, we won’t craft a single word.

You’ll first meet with Mercedes. She’s the owner and principal, and every client is her favourite. When she’s through, she’ll know you as well as you know yourself (and then some). Getting to know you, what matters, and your vision for the future provide the foundation for building the framework to make it a reality.

No dead documents, no complicated plans you can’t understand or put into practice, and no leaving you to manage on your own. Exhale.

Here are some things we can help with:

  1. Corporate or Foundation Communications Strategy
  2. Brand, Rebrand + Marketing Communications
  3. Content Marketing Strategy
  4. Public + Media Relations Strategy

Content Writing

We write for humans.

For people to find and fall in love, you need to speak their love language. Thoughtful, meaningful and helpful content is the path to building long, happy relationships with those interested in what you bring to the table. Our focus is making the most of every chance you get to delight your audiences and smash your goals.

We’re a group of writers, strategists and creatives whose experience, bylines and portfolios span the gauntlet of brands, publications, causes and entities of all stripes. Thanks to our comprehensive discovery and onboarding process, we’re able to get up to speed and on our way quickly and without your constant oversight.

We use tools like SEO, keywords, engagement analytics, and market research to make sure every piece of content serves customer needs, drives traffic, generates leads, raises visibility, converts and most of all, represents you.

  1. Editorial + Reported Articles
  2. Blog + Ghostwriting
  3. Newsletter Writing + Curation
  4. Website + UX Content Writing
  5. Cause for Support Communications
  6. Brand Voice Guidelines + Brand Marketing Copy
  7. Blog & Social Media Content Writing
  8. Executive, Professional + Board Bios
  9. Press Releases